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Send "Remember Newtown" Holiday Cards to Congress

We've made it very easy for you to mail "Remember Newtown" holiday cards..... 2, 5 or 15 at a time, to Congressmen and/or Senators.  Please help us make sure they remember our 26, and all 30,000+ annual gun violence victims, with this kind holiday gesture.   Back of postcards will have a holiday message on the left, the mailing address, postage, and your return address will be on the right. The holiday message will read: "What happened in Newtown could happen in any town or city, and it does.  Please remember each of the 30,000+ annual gun violence victims and their families this holiday season, and when returning to Congress in 2014."  -Wishing you and your family hope, peace & love”  Please click on one of the options below for more.

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